Trussed Rafters


If you're looking for individuality at an affordable price then trussed rafters are ideal for you. At Firwood Timber Frame we believe these are excellent as they have proved to be efficient, safe and economical.

What are the benefits of trussed rafters?

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  • Suitable for a wide range of roof structures
  • Speed of construction - can be delivered just in time to site
  • Space saving - no on site storage required
  • Prefabrication components - reduced labour costs
  • More energy efficient
  • Made from a renewable building resource - environmentally friendly.

Are you looking to save money when creating your ideal home??

Firwood Timber Frame have the perfect solution. We can help save you money by using trussed rafter roofs which are more economic solution than traditional methods.

Trusses are generally spaced at 600mm centres giving economy in the use of timber. Erection procedure is simple and repetitive, requiring only a minimum of skilled labour. This then means that architects and developers have a free rein in forming economic roofscapes.

Standard designs require only external walls to be load bearing, thereby eliminating intermediate supports and because of this waste and pilferage are minimised, another money saving aspect

We can arrange programmed deliveries to suit your construction schedules which will then reduce handling and storage costs.

For our design service: calculations for approving authorities are available on receipt of a firm order, thereby eliminating costs of consultant fees.


For cost effective, flexible roofing structure, use trussed rafters.



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