At Firwood Timber Frame we're able to provide you with easi-joists, these not only out perform sawn timber in span and dimension stability but are easier to install reducing valuable time and cost.

What are the benefits of easi-joists?

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  • Open web design - easier installation
  • Light weight  -easier handling
  • Long-term stability - quieter floor system
  • Reduced site wastage - factory manufactured eliminates alterations
  • Improved sound and vibration - strongback installation improves floor performance
  • Design - integrated software ensures accurate manufacture

Do you want an alternative to standard joists and beams?

At Firwood Timber Frame we can offer you easi-joists which are parallel chord trusses plated together using a structural component called the metal web.

The easi-joist combines the lightness of timber with the structural qualities of the metal web, together these two components offer an opportunity for designing floors with spans equal to and exceeding traditional timber joists with better damping and stiffness qualities.

This is why we're combining our years of experience in the design and manufacturing industry as we want to offer you the best.


Easi-Joist Downloads

Below are two pdfs for you to look at which feature easi-joists:

Easi-Joist Brochure

Easi-Joist Span Table

Easi-Joist Technical Manual